How to reach the conference venue
The Campus Einaudi is located in the Turin city center.
  • By train: it can be reached either by foot or by public transportation from both the Porta Nuova train station and the Porta Susa train station. Notice that there are other train stations in Turin (Torino Lingotto, Torino Dora as well as other minor stations), but they are less well-connected to the city center. Here is the website of the national train company.
  • From Turin airport Caselle: if you are flying into Turin's airport (which is called "Caselle"), you can reach the city center using the bus service (the price for a trip is about € 7 - 8, for the time table look at the tables named "TORINO AEROPORTO / TORINO - Centro Città"). Regular taxis can also be found at the airport; a trip to the city center usually costs around € 30.
  • From Milan airport Malpensa:form there you can reach Turin's Porta Susa train station by bus in a couple of hours (the price for a trip is around € 22). Notice that there are other two airports close to Milan (Linate and Orio al Serio), but they are less well-connected to Turin, so we suggest to avoid them.
  • By car: If you are coming by car, there are five main highways joining Turin to other cities in Northern Italy: A5 to and from Aosta, A4 to and from Milan, A21 to and from Brescia, A6 to and from Savona and A32 to and from Bardonecchia.
It has been reported to the organizing committee of several conferences that various third-party companies are targeting guests, speakers, and attendees with fraudulent travel and hotel booking schemes. We want to issue the following warning. Please be aware that the PHDS in Logic has no accord with an external contractor for travel and accommodation. Should you receive a message claiming that such an accord exists and asking you for any personal information, in particular credit information, know that this is a scam. As August is high season in Italy, we recommend securing your accommodation in advance. Here are some suggested hotels, with indicative prices:
  • Possibly cheaper: Combo
    Additionally, there are halls of residence which are managed by an institution related to the University. Reservation requests must be submitted to said institution, here is more information.
There are plenty of restaurants in the centre of Turin.
Soon information about some of them close to the Campus Einaudi.